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Echo Park

K9 Loft Echo Park

Echo Park Pet Grooming and Dog Boarding

K9 Loft opened its doors in July 2007 in Echo Park in the famous “Antique Row” on Sunset Blvd. This location is very unique due to its historical and architectural significance. The original 100+ year old floors were restored and there is an old-world charm to the space. K9 Loft offers over 2,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor day care space. Webcams provide an opportunity to watch your dog interacting and socializing throughout the day. Overnight boarding is located in a separate boarding area with individual space for every dog with 24-hour supervision. K9 Loft’s experienced groomers can work with any breed, style and temperament of dog or cat. Stop by for a tour so we can tell you about the following products and services that we offer:

  • -Boarding
  • -Daycare
  • -Grooming
  • -Training
  • -Pet Supplies
  • -Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

Echo Park Dog Grooming

At our Echo Park location, K9 Loft offers a professional dog grooming service every day of the week. We guarantee that your pet will receive the best possible care from our expert staff. For pet owners who work day jobs, we provide nighttime grooming appointments as well. The pet grooming amenities we offer are:

  • -personal consultations
  • -organic shampoo and conditioners
  • -grooming for all breeds
  • -de skunking
  • -cats

K9 Loft also offers our Frequent Grooming Program. If you visit nine times for pet grooming in Echo Park, your tenth visit is free! All you have to do is ask for a card at our front desk.

Dog Boarding in Echo Park

We understand that your pet is like a member of the family, which is why it’s our goal to offer the best experience possible for your dog, all while providing you high-quality customer service and the lowest prices in the industry. We also allow constant access to our webcams, so you can check in at any time to see how much fun your pup is having.

Each dog that comes in through our doors is screened and put into certain groups depending on weight and personality to ensure that there are no confrontations. And for those animals who don’t get along with others, we have special areas where they can play with our staff. With our clean, air conditioned facility, your dog will relax in luxury while you are away relaxing as well.

Echo Park Dog Day Care

With our watchful staff, your dog will be able to exercise, play, and socialize with friends. K9 Loft has special areas for big and small dogs, and each one is under constant management. We also offer discount packages that you can use at each of our three locations.

Pet Shuttle Service

K9 Loft understands that our customers have hectic schedules. Dropping off and picking up your dog can be a big chore, especially in LA traffic. That’s why we offer our shuttle service. For only $22 each way, your pet will be picked up and dropped off the same day so you can leave the hassle to someone else.

Please call us at (213) 484-6006 or visit today to book an appointment.

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