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    One-On-One 40-minute session - $65.

    4 week course - $159.

    K9 Loft obedience training mission is to offer fast, effective dog training and puppy training that is a positive experience, easy to understand, reliable in "real world" situations and lasts for the life of the dog.  Our experienced trainers specialize in working with all levels of dog behavior. We also welcome all breeds, sizes and ages. We offer the following training courses:

    One-on-One Training
    Book a 40 minute appointment with you and our trainer. During this time, you can address, focus and/or reinforce and habits you and your K9 may have!

    Puppy Socialization Class (16weeks - 8months) 6 dog max
    A course for you and your puppy to set a healthy foundation for your training journey. This course will also introduce a fun way of learning by using a lure based method to build engagement and strengthen your bond as a team.

    • Introduction to strange items (i.e. umbrellas, strange hats, costumes).
    • Introduction to loud noises (i.e. fireworks, sirens, honking, loud music).
    • Introduction to new people and new dogs. 
    • Building relationships, confidence and engagement.


    Obedience I (Beginner, 5 Months+)6 dog max
    In this course you and your dog will learn basic commands thet will help in every day life situations. We will also begin solving problematic behaviors that may have risen. Also work on setting a more structured environment to help keep your dog on the right track.

    • Sit 
    • Down
    • Come
    • Stay
    • Loose Leash
    • Engagement
    • Problem Solving 


    Obedience II (Intermediate, Trainers approval required) 6 dog max

    • Engagement 
    • Loose Leash + Heel
    • Long Distance Down Stays 
    • Leave It + Drop It
    • Focus
    • Manners
    • Place


    Class Rules + Requirements

    • Must have slip lead
    • Must have own high value treats/toy
    • Intact K9’s okay but no female K9’s in heat
    • Current Vaccinations
    • Masks required

    Note: Due to the nature of the limited class size, payment is non-refundable and there are no make-up classes for missed classes.

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    1. Excellent Trainer

      Alex is an excellent trainer with a lot of experience. She is able to evaluate and offer suggestions for improved behavior in your dog.
      Alex takes the time to observe and creatively approach the needs and come up a solution.
      on 6th Jun 2021

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